Lecture Series

Practical Wisdom for a Finer Life

This lecture series is designed to appeal to a variety of audiences and is individually tailored to suit any sort of organization, community, company, and group of people.  Each lecture may focus on a different topic, including professional advancement, relationships, spirituality, conflict resolution, self awareness and a variety of others.

Here are a few details about lectures, workshops and seminars James Nicholas has given in the past…

Received in private audience by two former UN Secretary Generals, urging the implementation of a peace dividend.

Spoke to members of the Kiwanis Club about personal and professional development.

Given lectures at Brock University, Niagara College, and Algonquin College about a wide range of topics from the causes of war to personal growth and self awareness.

Involved in a program called Parents Without Partners, an organization supporting single parents.  Provided counselling that encouraged personal growth, building healthy relationships and coping with familial stresses.

Please check back later for more lecture, seminar, and workshop dates!

If you are interested in booking James Nicholas for a lecture, seminar, or workshop please write to him at Strongandclear@hotmail.com.


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