Posted by: bookofwisdomanddelight | October 15, 2009

The Global Plan for the Advancement of Humanity

The following is the Preamble to “The Global Plan for the Advancement of Humantity”, describing the authors purpose and underlying philosophy. The document is presented below is the preamble in PDF format, presenting forty specific proposals as possible solutions to the world’s foremost serious problems – war, conflict, poverty, ecological/environmental degradation and violation of human rights.

Preamble to ‘A Global Plan for The Advancement of Humanity’

We the signatories of the “Global Plan for the Advancement of Humanity’, are concerned citizens of this world.

We remain loyal citizens of our countries, proud of our culture and traditions, but we also respect the cultural diversity of humanity

We love our own family, but we are also mindful of the great human family – 6.6 billion strong, spread among 161 nations.

We cherish the land on which we live and we cherish this beautiful planet earth, the common Mother of us all.

As world citizens we accept the cardinal fact that all the earth’s people are united by a common link – their basic humanity. Fundamentally, we are fellow human beings and only accidently are wee African, Asian or European.

We believe that in this shrinking globe, people can no longer live as strangers. There is in each of us a little of all of us.

We appeal to men and women of goodwill to partake in an exciting venture. We ask them to work in their own way to advance the welfare of humanity and to promote the well being of this planet. Specifically, we ask them to champion the cause of human rights, human value and the sanctity of human life. In essence, let us learn to be kind to all humanity

We appeal to our youth, to whom the future belongs, to enter the 21st century not as novices to an uncertain future, but as heirs to an era of planned progress.

As the 3rd millennium dawns, let us together seek a grand victory – not over any nation or people, but over ignorance, poverty, disease and human degradation, wherever they may be found.

As world citizens we are happy to come together and affirm in this document, “The Global Plan for the Advancement of Humanity”, our vision for humane global society.

May the realization of the ideas contained in this document be the crowning achievement of our time.

The document, in its entirety is contained in the link below:   The Global Plan For The Advancement of Humanity (Pdf)


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