Book of Wisdom and Delight


Written by distinguished Nobel Peace Prize nominee, Professor James Nicholas  ‘The Book of Wisdom and Delight – How to Fall in Love with Life’, is full of wisdom, inspiration and guidance.

What is most unique about this book is its practicality.   Found within the pages you will find usable techniques and stimulating ideas on how to feel better, think better and remain loving, successful, youthful and energetic through life.

In six easy to read, beautifully written chapters, Nicholas masterfully presents enriching ideas from philosophy, psychology, and literature from East and West. The thoughts of 180 eminent thinkers are cited, with the ideas of modern writers intertwined with those of the classics, along with the author’s own reflections.  Professor Nicholas provides copious insights from great minds of all ages, from Plato to Shakespeare and from Tagore to T.S. Eliot.  The book is abundant with beautiful metaphors and references to nature.

Truly up-lifting and rich in soul, you will be inspired by the author’s ability to explain complicated concepts in concrete, simple language in areas of universal interest, written in the following chapters entitled:

  1. Enjoy Inner Peace and Calm – Which explains that a good inner life enables us to cope better with irritants of our out life.
  2. Give Yourself a Dazzling Mind – Where we explore how the  mind excels when it displays a fine sense of balance and proportion.
  3. The Joys of Genuine Intimacy – Impressive evidence reveals that       when we are more loving in our relationships, we tend to be more joyous and creative. This contributes to an overall feeling of personal fulfillment.
  4. Be Ever Young in Spirit – The way to balance the toll of passing years is by renewing our youthful spirit.
  5. A Blueprint for Success – Having a balanced life is the blueprint for success. We imitate the balance we find in nature in our daily efforts.
  6. Abundant Energy for Daily life – We discuss how the energy flowing into us should exceed the energy flowing out to maintain stability of mind and body. Fear and anger decrease our energy and may confine our thinking. Love and joy increase our energy and may fuel our creative spirit

All six chapters convey a common message but in different ways. Each one reveals thoughts to ponder on how we may lead the life we desire and deserve. Together, they are an invitation for you, the reader, to plant a tree of Wisdom and Delight and enjoy its growth all your life.

Copies of ’A Book of Wisdom and Delight- How to Fall in Love with Life’ ‘ can be purchased on-line at  Barnes and Noble

Or, order the book direct and receive publishers discount price – $20.00 plus $3.00 shipping in Canada.  Please send cheque or money or to:

James Nicholas  158b McArthur Ave,  Apt 1402, Ottawa Ontario K1L H9C

Contact information

Phone: 613-986-4044




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